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Happy New Year Spartans!

We have made it through the Holidays and into 2015. We are back to regular business hours Tues – Sat. Hope to see you soon.





New Spartan Pizza

Spartans! We are super excited to be headed into our first building! We are still operating the trailer in our usual location most of January. Stay Tuned with us via twitter, facebook, and instagram. We will be updating regularly on when we will shut down the trailer and then be opening the new store. We will be posting progress picks along the way as well as mouth watering pics of our yummy pie for your tastebuds to daydream about.

Twitter: spartanpizzaatx

Instagram: spartanpizzaatx

Facebook: facebook.com/spartanpizza


Eat St. Camera Crew

We are so excited to have been a part of Season 5 of Eat St. If you missed it, you can see a small sample here: ow.ly/AcXdy


We Deliver!

Just give us a call and we’ll deliver hot fresh pizza to your door anywhere in our standard delivery area for LUNCH and DINNER.

A mere $2 delivery charge will get your pizza to your door, office, residence, bar, etc… Of course, we will go just about anywhere in Austin for large catering orders, so give us a call when you want Spartan Pizza! – minimum order of $75 for delivery outside our delivery area.


Our pizza is a thin crust “New York style” pizza.  The crust has an initial crunch with a chewy texture. But, let there be no doubt, we are not trying to recreate New York pie; that would be impossible.  We are just taking the essential concept of that style and reinventing it here in Austin, TX with our own homegrown twist.  Our dough is hand-made and slow-rises overnight.  It is then hand tossed and made to order for an extremely fresh and delicious pizza.

Our secret weapon is Persephone, our 1960s era double-decker Blodgett oven which was rescued from a closed down bakery on the Eastside and carefully refurbished and fitted with custom pizza stones. We fire her up to 650 which allows our pies to cook quickly and emerge with beautifully browned artisan crust.


Intriguing and delicious – those are the two words that serve as the guiding principles for all our recipes, while staying true to the simplicity that is pizza. We developed the recipes for our own sauces, spreads, and pesto and make them in house. For our toppings we’ve chosen the freshest produce, imported goods, and specialty meats and cheeses to create the high quality and delicious food we’re known for.

About the owners

Jeremy and Nicole Portwood love food. It’s been a cornerstone for the past 8 years, serving as a foundation for building their life, friendships, family, and now a business together. They dreamed of opening a local restaurant where they could serve the delicious handmade pizzas they had been perfecting at home for years. After lots of daydreaming, planning, and forcing friends and family to try new pizza recipes, Spartan Pizza was born into the incredible world of Austin food trailers. They haven’t looked back since …

About our menu

All the names are inspired by our vintage Spartan trailer. This inspiration led us to adopt names from Greek mythology, pairing characters with the personalities of the pizzas. Our current cast of characters includes Gods, mortals, and magical creatures like the Cyclops, the Helen, the Pegasus, the Apollo, the Agamemnon, the Hades, the Zeus, and of course the Spartan.


We are housed in a vintage 1955 Spartan Imperial Mansion travel trailer. Spartans were made in Tulsa, Oklahoma from 1946-1960 by Spartan Aircraft Company. The Spartan Company was initially a producer of World War II aluminum aircrafts. However, they soon looked to find another product to manufacture as the aircraft production market became saturated, and the demand decreased for planes as the war was coming to a close. Thus the Spartan all-aluminum trailer coach, the “Cadillac” of trailer homes, hit the market with great popularity.

We purchased our trailer in April of 2009. It was completely gutted when we received it. For the next 6 months Jeremy, along with the help of Barto Carpinelli and Jeff Atkins of Austin Wood Design, designed and built the existing kitchen layout that is Spartan Pizza. One of the most interesting moments of the build out process was when we had to forklift the 1200 lb. ovens, the 8ft pizza prep cooler, and the refrigerator through the main window as there was no other way to get them inside. Our Spartan Imperial Mansion is now a fully operational pizza kitchen. We are proud of our shiny vintage trailer and hope you will come and see us in it soon.

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